ebilNews for 3-24-2008: Life update

In case many of you didn't guess, TWoC is kind of on Hiatus. I don't know how long it will be, or when it will be coming back. do know however that in one way or another this project is going to be revived. When that will happen though is anyones guess.

Part of why I'm not doing the comic is as I've mentioned on the tagboard, priorities. There are things I need to do with my art and my life right now that means I have to give up the time it takes to create these comics. Among those reasons is I'm living in lfe....and not college.

That statements confusing isn't it? Allow me to elaborate.

When I was in college I was interacting with people. No way around that. In fact, interacting in such a way that it's easy to get to know fellow classmates, dorm residents, roomates etc. and get the human interaction everyone needs without having to actively seek it out. Now that graduation has happened and I'm building up my own buisness, I don't have that 'luxury'. I've noticed and commented to myself dozens if not hundreds of times in the past that I tend to use my comics as a sheild. A sheild that shouts, "Hey! Look at this! Get distracted and pay no mind to the twenty-something girl behind the pages!"

And I've also thought that, well....it's not a very healthy attitude.

I loved doing the comic. I learned TONS doing the comic. I'm really glad I did the comic.

But I'm sorry. I need to live more.

Lately my recreational art has been taking me on another direction. A project where I don't shoulder everything myself. Something where other people I interact and talk and collaborate with is involved: The Theatre.

So far it's been a blast, and somehow I got to be one of the paint masters for the new show coming out on the 28th: Clue, the Musical. The main contribution of which involved not much paint, but the computer art and drawing experience I've had. I designed and made prop cards for the actors to interact with the audience.

I can hardly wait to see how it all turns out.

ebilNews for 9-25-2007: I'm not dead!

Okay, after a month of leaving you in the dark, I better at least clue you in on what I've been up to.


Dozens and dozens and hundreds of scarves.

Okay, not JUST scarves, ordering and redesigning booth setup, making new signs... Essentially preparing for upcoming art and craft shows, including mass producing hand dyed silk scarves. Compared with all this work I have to do just to get started doing the comic just seems...less important at the moment.

For a while the updates might be a little sporadic, but I'll try to keep you guys up to date with everything.

....Man, I feel like a royal jerk right about now.

ebilNews for 7-3-2007: Sum sum summertime...

If you're reading this.....Congratulations!

Now I you happen to be one of the people who will incidently be attending the convention, I'll look forward to seeing you around. If you want to attend, everything you need to know about Convergence can be found by wandering yonder. The theme is different each year, and I guess that it's a monster theme this time.

So what better chance to ressurrect my Red cross vampire idea. (Is it blasphemy to use the word ressurrect for a vampire?) what I like best about the costume is that I'm not a very skinny person, so you see this vampire taking blood donations....and it actually appears to be a well fed vampire. Just speaks loads of hilarity right there. Each person who donates will get a bloody bandage on their neck, and a cute little sticker to brandish however they want.

Man.....this is going to be so fun....

Oh! If you're wondering why a vampire can manage to wear a cross with no harm, well, it's an INVERTED cross. An inverted holy symbol makes it the opposite of holy I think.....nevermind that the red cross cross is perfectly symmetrical.

ebilNews for 6-12-2007: Argh....Odd weird problems lately

I'm not quite sure what's been going on with Comic Genesis lately, but there has been a lot of downtime. The server seems to be down a lot more this past month, and it takes forever for comics to upload when I set them up. It's possible that the whole downtime is my fault messing with the files trying to get my page to work, so don't go blaming them for everything.

Whatever's going on, I hope it all gets resolved soon.

As for the latest comic, still waiting for the update to go through. There always seem to be a thousand or so comics in the line.


I'm really portraying Spike as a Jerk in this storyline. Leth's ready to fight for his life and that Dryad just laughs at him.

Of course the real fun in setting a charcter up as a Jerk is redeeming them later on... *grin*

ebilNews for 5-28-2007: I think I got sunburned. Countdown to skin peel in 3...2...1...

First things first...

Why in the world did I not know about this great review earlier? Either my Spam blocker is being far too militant or someone's E-mail needs to be checked more often. (that someone being me...)

On with the art blog! (click images to enlarge)

These are my favorite pics from the show. First is the image featured in today's update.  The unhappy baby you've already met, but here are her two older sisters keeping her company:

More drawings of girls. some younger,

some older,

most drawn a little bit older than they were IRL...

It's something I need to work on to convey the actual age. Fortunately kids like seeing themselves drawn older, and it won't be too long until they look more like their drawing. This whole show was a big chance to try drawing many color pencil portraits.

Discovery #1: portraits look great when you don't try to get someone's exact colors.
Discovery #2: People like being able to pick their favorite color.
Discovery #3: If I keep getting all these little girls to draw, I'll have to buy a LOT more pink and purple pencils...

Last but not least a couple brothers had their portraits drawn. The funniest part of this being how the younger refused to smile until AFTER he saw his portrait.

I'm not sure whether to be upset about that or just chalk it up as crowd pleasing skills.

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