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ebilNews for 5-14-2007: Owowowowowow...

Good news: Schmorky won! Press release here and feedback on it here.

Bad news: Ear infection.


ebilNews for 4-30-2007: I WILL have news! I will! I will!

It's always hard for me to write up news, expecially when it comes to stuff everyone else is making news of as well. Sure theres times when I don't write news because I'm too tired, or theres the feeling theres really nothing worth saying, or that I'll blather out some rambling diatrabe and generally bring subpar writing skills into the light.

See, there I go.

But this time....this time I swore and promised that there would be news! And well, breaking a promise is my biggest pet peeve. My second biggest pet peeve...art theft. Now any of you who read a lot of comics have probably seen many other cartoonists talking about the matter of Todd Goldman. (AKA the founder of David & Goliath company (they make those stick figure "Boys are stupid-throw rocks at them" shirts)) Now, those shirts never impressed me, it seemed like something a 10-year-old might throw together in 15 minutes with access to Photoshop and a clipart archive.

Well, given the huge list of evidence piling up....that seems to be almost EXACTLY what's happening. All over the web Todd Goldman is being plastered as "Art theif" or simply "untalented hack." Every creative person seems to have something at stake here.

Now today there's supposed to be big news from Schmorky (the guy whose artwork Todd 'traced') hopefully a conclusion to all the drama. I'm rooting for the actual artist/s to get a nice hefty settlement. So check out the news, and just scan the situation if you havn't heard of it yet.

In other news, this saturday I got a chance to meet Scott McCloud! His talks were fun to listen to, and in general the mood at the book signing was quite cheery. I got to show him some samples of TWoC and since Scott likes experimenting with new ways to make comics he got a copy CD of my collaborative Senior show project. (We made an interactive movie/comic thing. It was fun.)

Before I left, we had a smiling contest. All three of us: me, Scott, and the mutant puppy perched on my chest:
Larger photo here

ebilNews for 4-23-2007: Woah!

Hey! I actually updated the news for once!

But then considering the dramatic changes I made to the site...well, it's pretty understandable that SOME explanation is warranted. Now don't be alarmed, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. Those trees up there are actually cycling and changing through the seasons. They will be for a week or so, after which each season will be represented as it happens with a static image.

Given how much it took, there won't be any new comic for today. Hopefully the site rehaul is enough eyecandy...

ebilNews for 1-22-2007: Some things money can't buy...

See, there’s a story behind this filler today.

While on the newspaper staff at college (as cartoonist of course) it turned out that there was a space in the layout that needed to be filled. Having learned that, I volunteered to draw something and started taking suggestions.

The previous week there had been an article about guys cross-dressing for charity. So as an image for the article our opinion editor hiked up his jeans and had photos taken of his hairy legs in high heels. There was one photograph that was posed very close to this image of Batman, and a couple people (including the main editor) were saying I should draw the poor guy in drag. The image would have even been labeled as it being a depiction of the Opinion editor.

You can imagine the guy wasn’t too crazy about being drawn as such.

He begged me. He pleaded with me. He bribed me all the cash he had to make the picture something else. So I took his money, about ten to twenty cents, and drew Batman as the victim instead.

We gave it the subtitle “If Batman truly wanted to strike fear into the hearts of his enemies.”

Now, the editor in chief is a long time Batman fan, and when he saw this depiction of his hero....well....the horrified stunned expressions dawning across his face were simply priceless.

I only wish I had a camera then.

News for 1-8-2007:So very much news.....and yet so tired...

I really do need to update the news on here don't I?

Well, there are several things of note. The first being as of this year I am no longer a college student. That's right, this site belongs to a college graduate now! The second note being....I am really horrible at updating the news. Two month between news announcements? Yikes.

Third, updates will continue as they have been the past couple months for a while. I have yet to decide whether or not the actual update day will change from Monday to a different day, but so far it doesn't conflict with anything.

No that those quick notes are out of the way, I should head off some of the discussion about the howls of Maerdian wolves. The howl of a Maerdian wolf is not fatal. What it does is leave their victim impaired, unable to see straight or move well. It even induces a slight feeling of euphoria in their victims. It isn’t an entirely unpleasant effect, but being unable to move in a straight line, see clearly, and amused by the oddest things isn’t going to improve your chances of survival when there’s a pack of hungry wolves ready to tear your throat out.

Just saying....

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